Shanghai Paradise Bird Textile Co., Ltd., specialized in producing wool fabrics for around 30 years, with annual capability 2.6 million meters. is a trader and manufacturer of woolen fabrics for quality garments, billiard felts, and related home textiles. We also supply acrylic, Alpaca, Angora and woven jacquard fabrics.

At our workshops, we use the latest and most advanced spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing equipment. Annual output currently stands at approximately 3,000,000 meters of wool fabrics, 250,000 pieces of garments, and 28,000 m2 of carpets and 600 tons of yarns.

Our main export markets now include Japan, Korea, North America, EU and Russia. Using first class equipment, first class production techniques and offering sincere service to our customers, we have built our reputation of high quality and for customer satisfaction.

We welcome you to take a closer look at our current lineups and hope that you will choose our brand of quality products. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Corporate culture

Spiritual culture

Harmony, Happiness, vigor, is the style of Paradise Bird.

We enjoy fashion and creating, and focus on this industry because of love

Multi Skill training

To the requirement of extend global market, Paradise Bird attach great importance to employee training, to improve themselves by internal education and training outside. Such as training of commerce commodity, marketing skills, management, language and so on.


Many hands make light job.

We help each other to solve problem together, and share happiness of being successful, as we are family, A TEAM.

Company honor